Automotive companies

Smart EV charging solutions for the Automotive industry. We help automotive companies make successful transitions into the new EV realm. Explore our smart EV charging solutions.

a charging point with two connected cables

Position yourself in the EV ecosystem

Notably, the lines between oil & gas, utilities and automotive companies are blurring as the incumbents are attempting to pursue the low-carbon transition strategies. However, the EV revolution does not just pose a threat but also presents an opportunity to the automotive industry. How can automotive companies benefit from the EV revolution? By focusing on the future of mobility.

GreenFlux helps parties in positioning in this rapidly growing ecosystem. The new ecosystem will require new solutions and new services which many players are yet unfamiliar with. Needless to say, charging will be one of the key services required. Adapt and lead! Get your business ready for offering these services.

Offer your customers superior user experience

Consider your service portfolio including EV charging enablement as a key element of your value proposition and superior user experience. What if you could make charging as simple as possible? Imagine your customers buying an electric vehicle and immediately being able to charge anywhere they like, hassle-free.

With our extensive experience in the EV industry and with our EV charging platform, we help automotive companies set-up a successful EV charging business models and set up smoothly running operations. Advice and consultation on EV charging business models and operations is a core element of our value proposition.

two electric cars charging

eMobility builds long term relationships

A leading automotive OEM was looking for a partner with experience in the EV charging services business. Our EV charging management system enabled them to focus on their core business of selling electric vehicles. Via GreenFlux’ technology, car manufacturers and car dealerships can build more ongoing contact touchpoints with clients with white label EV-services such as connected chargers, apps and RFID-cards.

With our exclusive roaming services, companies are able to offer their customers a superior EV driving and charging experience. Customers can be enabled to charge with a charging card or an app at as many different charge points as possible.

An electric car charging

Our solution for Automotive companies

GreenFlux offers ready-off-the-shelf solutions that can be deployed at any time. Start with minimal to none capital expenditure while paying as you go and have your business up and running on a short notice. GreenFlux EV charging platform is a cloud-based SaaS solution and therefore can be deployed globally. Start your exciting EV charging business journey!

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