EV operators & service providers

EV charging solutions for charge point operators. Set-up up a successful EV business model with our smart EV solutions. We offer different packages fitting to your needs.

Two electric cars charging at a charging point

Scale up your charging network

Electric transportation and EV charging network are expected to set off a burst of new business opportunities, especially when EVs will become mainstream. The EV revolution is the biggest change since the invention of the internal combustion engine. It changes our perception of mobility; it impacts our way of life.

GreenFlux provides you with the tools for your EV business

GreenFlux focusses on the charging infrastructure elements like availability and efficiency. Our aim is to turn EV charging infrastructure in a leading rather than a lagging factor. We provide you with the necessary tools to successfully operate your own charging infrastructure.

Our EV software helps you set up and manage your charge points, set pricing schemes and monitor their performance. Also, we actively address grid-related issues with our smart charging technology.

An electric car standing on a road with a windmill next to it

Manage your own network of smart EV charging points at scale

Our EV charging platform combines state-of-the-art technology, industry leading expertise, and easy solutions for managing infrastructures of charge stations via open protocols and systems, allowing every charge station to connect to the platform.

The platform is cloud-based, ensuring high performance, security, availability and scalability. Our platform is already compatible with most charging stations on the market via the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

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A DC charger with three charging cables

Prevent the grid from overloading

Buildings have scarcely been adapted for future adoption of charging infrastructure and new energy economies. Expanding the local grid capacity often requires large scale investments. When increasing the building’s grid capacity is too costly, smart charging can still increase the number of vehicles that charge simultaneously. Cloud-based smart charging systems can upgrade a local system’s capacity to charge up to ten times as many vehicles during the day.

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