EV Fleet Management

Optimize EV charging with our EV fleet management software. Our EV fleet management is a user-friendly solution to effectively manage electric vehicles.

Three electric cars standing in a parking lot

EV fleet management made easy

Our EV fleet management tool allows you to simply view, monitor and manage fleet activity and offer support to drivers when necessary. Our EV charging software is cloud-based, thus support can be given from distance, saving you both time and money. Our EV charging platform will make sure that the EV fleet management is tailored to your needs and requirements, and can easily be connected to your own software and ERP systems.

Real-time insights in charging behaviour

As a fleet manager, you have full control and insights in your fleet. Our dashboards provide you with real-time charging activity of the charge points and vehicles. Our EV fleet management software can handle complex information, such as license plates, personnel number, cost centre and more.

Fudura wanted a detailed tracking report per cost centre to monitor the charging cost per car and employee. GreenFlux offered a platform solution that provided the data needed for this type of fleet reporting and management.

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Dashboard of the GreenFlux EV charging platform

Total control of EV charging for fleet vehicles

Managing a large fleet requires the use of reimbursement billing, as well as the possibility to easily start and stop transactions via an easy-to-use app. Also functionalities like organizing when an EV driver arrives, if there is availability of a charger, if they can book it and what happens when you do not remove your EV on time could be used.

The platform offers the possibility to create and manage contact details of relevant EV-drivers, including the customer group it is part of, retail packages that might apply and possible cost centre details. Moreover, the platform offers the possibility to create and manage details of cars, including battery capacity, battery state and (estimated) departure time.

Charging cable connected to an electric vehicle

Functionalities of our EV fleet software

  • Transaction overview per card(s)
  • Transaction overview per charge point(s)
  • Usage overviews
  • Cost overviews
  • Cost centre reports
  • Reports on car/driver level