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Join the EV revolution with your own business model. Want to jump into the EV industry, but do not know where to start? Let our EV charging experts help you.

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The EV revolution is in full swing

Electric mobility is expanding at a rapid pace and is expected to continue growing exponentially. Utilities, charging point operators and other stakeholders in the power sector are increasing investment in charging infrastructure, whether it is home charging, public charging or fast charging.

At GreenFlux, we focus on the charging infrastructure elements like availability and efficiency of the charging infrastructure. Also, we actively address grid-related issues with our smart charging solutions. To achieve this, we work closely with the entire ecosystem (e.g. automotive OEMs, utilities, grid operators, etc.) to address as many other issues as possible.

EV Charging advice for your business model

GreenFlux has over 9 years experience in the EV business and we operated as a CPO in the Netherlands in the past. By being active in the EV sector from the start, we have built up the knowledge and expertise necessary to advise customers in a proper way.

Whether you are a Charge Point Operator (CPO), Electric Mobility Provider (eMSP), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Utility or an Oil & Gas company, our team of EV charging experts will gladly assist you to build up your own EV charging business model.

Electric vehicle charging on a charging point

Understanding your unique requirements

Each customer has their own set of requirements for their EV charging business. Being a customer from GreenFlux means that we guide you from the early stages of understanding your wishes and planning accordingly to choosing the most fitting solution for your business and ensuring a smooth integration of the solution.

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We’re happy to share our knowledge at events

As an experienced company in the EV business and front runner in smart charging, we inspire others to join the EV revolution by explaining the success of our business cases.

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