GreenFlux, an e-mobility platform provider, has signed a new roaming contract with SMATRICS EnBW, which operates one of the largest high-speed charging networks in Austria.  

With this agreement, GreenFlux adds 1,507 charge points in Austria to its existing network. The platform provider’s extensive roaming network now includes over 468,000 charge points across Europe.  

SMATRICS EnBW focuses on both DC and AC charging infrastructure with a capacity of up to 350 kW. The operator is a subsidiary of Verbund and EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. 

Thanks to this agreement, GreenFlux customers’ utilising its managed roaming services would seamlessly expand driver access to SMATRICS EnBW’s 1,507 charge points in Austria via existing e-mobility apps and charge card services. 

‘Interoperability through roaming makes fast charging on the go easy and is therefore essential for the growth of e-mobility. We are pleased to have this partnership and welcome their customers to our steadily growing HPC charging network,‘ said SMATRICS EnBW CEO Hauke Hinrichs. 

The SMATRICS EnBW charging network is well-suited for holiday drivers and the transport industry, as its charge stations are well-positioned along the motorways in both Austria and Germany. 

‘Our roaming network is expanding rapidly. SMATRICS EnBW’s network will be valuable for all our platform customers considering most of their charge points are high-power and located along the motorways,‘ said Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at GreenFlux. 

In addition to roaming, GreenFlux’s platform customers leverage its white-label apps and APIs to monetise their unique business models and deliver outstanding charging experiences. 


SMATRICS EnBW supports companies and fleet operators on their way into the future of electromobility. The company plans, operates and services charging infrastructure in Austria and Germany – powered by SMATRICS EnBW. The rapidly growing green tech company employs more than 120 people. SMATRICS EnBW is a subsidiary of VERBUND and EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. In Austria, SMATRICS EnBW operates the largest nationwide High Power Charging (HPC) charging network, which is constantly being expanded. In 2023, 100 more HPC charging points will be added throughout Austria. 

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GreenFlux, a DKV Mobility Group company, empowers charge point operators and mobility service providers to scale their e-mobility operations. The GreenFlux e-mobility platform enables comprehensive capabilities to help customers extend their network reach, offer outstanding experiences to drivers, and minimise operational costs. Accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility since 2011, GreenFlux has enabled a roaming network of 468.000+ charging points accessible to millions of drivers throughout Europe and powered over 3,8 billion electric kilometres through its platform.

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