EV Roaming

Unlimited charging possibilities for your customers. Our EV roaming software ensures that EV drivers can charge at as many charge points as possible, hassle-free.

Coverage map of EV roaming network

Open up charge frontiers with EV roaming

Mass adoption of electric vehicles requires not only an extensive charging network, but also the development of an EV roaming infrastructure. EV roaming refers to opening up EV charging infrastructure for EV drivers, giving them access to thousands of charging locations worldwide.

Roaming agreements between charge point operators and electric mobility service providers are essential in order to accomplish this. The goal for EV roaming is to give EV drivers the ultimate charging experience.

Our EV roaming software

The EV roaming software is included in our EV charging platform. We have connections to all major roaming hubs, such as Hubject, E-clearing, Gireve and direct P2P OCPI connections. Being a customer of GreenFlux automatically means connecting to other EV charging networks. We will take care of all the roaming contracts to save you all the paperwork and time. All is taken care of by our EV experts, so you can focus on building your EV charging business.

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Logo of GreenFlux's roaming partner E-clearing.net
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The CPO in the driver seat

Millions of EV drivers are able to charge on the EV charging ecosystem of GreenFlux and its customers – and the numbers are increasing every day. We want to make sure that as many EV drivers as possible can charge at your charge points by using third party eMSP cards and apps. With our roaming connections, this is possible. The EV roaming software will also attract other EV drivers to your charge points. Namely, when your charging network is added to the EV roaming infrastructure, other EV drivers will also find your charge stations.

You can set the tariffs for third-party charging with eMSP cards and apps. Our platform automatically sends the invoice to the respective eMSP. Billing made easy.

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The eMSP in the driver seat

The GreenFlux charge cards and charge apps give access to a large-scale roaming charging network in Europe. We want to make sure that your customers can use your card or app at as many different charge points, operated by third party CPOs, as possible. Using our EV roaming software will also make your charging card or app more attractive. Namely, with our roaming connections, you can offer them access to an extensive charging infrastructure, providing them with excellent service and user experience. You are in control of the tariffs that you want to charge for your customers at third party charge points.

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