We make it easy for charge point operators and mobility service providers to comply with Eichrecht 

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Full regulatory compliance in the German market

Our software facilitates the exchange of charge session data in a safe and transparent way, helping CPOs and EMSPs meet their legal obligations to provide drivers with charge session meter data. Charge stations send meter data directly to the GreenFlux backend via the OCPP protocol where it is automatically processed and stored in a secure database.  

Eichrecht-compliant roaming

Our platform supports the seamless transfer of meter values from CPO to EMSP. We include meter data in the remarks field of the charge detail record (CDR), which allows us to share this information through current roaming protocol versions, such as OCPI 2.1 and OICP 2.2Our solution keeps pace as protocols and local market regulations evolve, ensuring ongoing support of our customers’ compliancy needs in the best way possible. 

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Preview of the Eichrecht whitepaper

Eichrecht whitepaper

Complying with calibration law is essential to scale a public charging network in the German market. Discover how to manage your chargers securely and download our free whitepaper to protect your business from legal claims. 

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Transparent billing

Mobility service providers can use signed meter data from the charge detail record and forward this to drivers upon request. Drivers can verify the signed meter values against the invoiced kWh reading of a particular charge session using transparency software. 

Transparent billing through Charge Assist App

Price transparency

Government-certified transparency software allows EV drivers to remotely verify the accuracy of meter readings for a charge session. Transparency software helps ensure that prices for EV charging and fair and non-discriminatory and sets a standard for effective consumer protection. GreenFlux is a member of the S.A.F.E. initiative, and supporter of S.A.F.E. transparency software.  

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