EV solutions

EV Charging Solutions that drive your company forward. The smartest electric vehicle solutions for your business. We offer solutions for CPOs, eMSPs, utilities and energy companies, oil & gas, automotive OEMs and more.

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State of the art EV charging solutions

Whether you are active in manufacturing charging points or want to start your business in setting up and managing your own charging network, we have a fast array of EV charging solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

Our team is happy to help you create a workable charging system solution, from the planning stage right through to maintenance. A few things all our solutions have in common: they are intelligent, make your business profitable and make sure to meet all your charging needs.

For utilities and energy companies

The EV revolution affects utilities and energy companies too. Global electricity consumption will double by 2050 and the total electricity demand will significantly impact the grid infrastructure. Are you ready to benefit from the new demand? Is your infrastructure prepared for the surge in demand? Be ready for the future with our smart EV charging solutions.

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electricity substation

For charge point operators and e-mobility service providers

Build your own intelligent EV charging network to provide service to EV drivers worldwide. Our software makes it easy to manage your charging network and add new charge stations along the way. Gain insights into your charging network and make the most out of your operations. A platform with room for growth.

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An electric car charging at a charging point

For oil and gas companies

Use our software to build your own EV charging infrastructure. Adapting to changing customer demands and supporting your customers in their decision to reduce their emissions will benefit you in this revolution of sustainable energy generation.

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Automotive companies

With our extensive experience in the EV industry and with our EV charging platform, we help automotive companies set-up a successful EV charging business models and set up smoothly running operations. Advice and consultation on EV charging business models and operations is a core element of our value proposition.

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Electric vehicles in a parking lot
Dashboard of the GreenFlux EV charging platform

EV charging infrastructure

When taking the different regional and national needs for EV charging into consideration, the demand for charge points can become highly localized. Our cloud-based EV charging platform supports business models for all types of EV charging infrastructures.

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Advice from our EV experts

The EV market is booming. Not sure how to jump on the bandwagon? Let our team of EV charging experts help you to start your EV business model. We will gladly assist you every step along the way, even if you are completely new to this market. Get started today!

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Woman typing on computer showing dashboard of the GreenFlux EV charging platform