EV Billing & Payments

Smart EV charging billing & payments solutions. We support your eMobility business model with our simple, secure and reliable services.

Man charging its electric vehicle at a charging point

Start earning revenues with your charging network

The platform offers the possibility to create and manage Tariff Codes for your locations and clusters. Therefore, you are in full control of streamlining your EV charging billing operations and revenue management of your chargers.

The billing information is easy to manage and adjusted, all the way from a charging network level up to a single charging point.

CPO Wholesale billing –
with other eMSPs

Enable every EV driver to charge at your charge points. The main goal is to set a tariff on your charge points, so you can start earning revenue. You also have the possibility to settle charge transactions with customers of eMSPs that charge on our charge stations.

The platform offers the possibility to setup wholesale EV charging billing rules for roaming purposes. This allows the operator of the charge network to define and manage wide variety of billing rules and tariffs for the use of its charge network by eMSPs.

Dashboard of the GreenFlux EV charging platform

CPO Reimbursement billing – your employees

If your employees use electric vehicles as company cars, and they charge at home, the electricity costs of the charging are settled on private electricity costs. With reimbursement billing, you can easily refund these costs.

The platform has the possibility to create and manage EV charging billing rules for individual charge points. These are typically used to reimburse the owner of a charge station, for consumed electricity, when its charge point is used by a different end-user.

eMSP Retail billing – your end customer

Easily sync charge detail records (CDRs) to your own CRM and ERP systems. With this integration, sending invoices to customers who used your charge card or app on your charge points or on third party charge stations is easily managed. Create your own EV charging billing rules for your charge points and settle the payments of the charging sessions.

The platform offers the possibility to create and manage tariffs for the charging sessions of the EV driver. This could be a time-based or a volume-based tariff including a start tariff. Moreover, the platform can create periodical overviews of the retail sessions per customer, including the calculated costs and volume of the charge sessions.

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