EV charging software

Maximize the profitability of your charging network and experience our state-of-the-art EV charging station software for operators and service providers.

Woman typing on a computer showing the GreenFlux EV charging platform

Software for the EV charging industry

Use our white-label EV charging software to easily manage your EV charging infrastructure. All charge points are administered on a multi-level web portal with separated roles and responsibilities – you can decide who can access the system. We offer both outsourced as well as fully self-managed packages of our EV charging management software, fitting to your business needs.

Make optimal use of the grid with EV smart charging

If lots of electric vehicles would charge at the same time, on the same grid, there is a chance that the energy network will overload. With smart charging, you are able to increase the number of electric vehicles that can be charged simultaneously without making additional investments in the grid.

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A row of three electric cars charging at charge points

Make revenue streams with EV charging billing

We provide the delivery of the data of the charging transactions, so you are ready for invoicing. Whether it’s reimbursement billing for your employees, wholesale billing to other CPO’s and eMSP’s or retail billing to provide your customers with an invoice of their charging session – our platform supports your business model.

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Man holding smartphone showing the Charge Assist App

Charge wherever you are with our EV roaming software

Our goal is to give your customers the possibility to charge hassle-free everywhere, with every charging card and app on the market and provide them with transparent information about locations and tariffs of charge points. We have connections to all major roaming hubs, such as Hubject, E-clearing, Gireve and direct P2P OCPI connections.

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Remote access for support & helpdesk

Our platform is fully operable from the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere. Avoid costly onsite visits by performing repairs and status updates from anywhere you are. Save money and time, and prevent disturbance for your customers. Our platform makes sure that your charging network is healthy and fully operable 24/7.

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An electric vehicle with a connected charging cable
Tablet displaying the GreenFlux EV charging dashboard

More software features

With our white label charging app Charge Assist, we make charging as easy as possible for EV drivers. Users can simply start or stop charging sessions and not spend any more of their valuable time on such a simple task. EV drivers can use Charge Assist to find EV chargers all over the world and see their availability, location information and tariffs and users can pay automatically after their charging session.

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Keep your operations running smoothly with our EV fleet management software. The solution is cloud-based, therefore charging problems can be solved quickly and cost effectively. Moreover, the system can easily be integrated with your own software and ERP systems.

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The EV charging platform can be linked to grid operators, energy companies, payment service providers, apps, proprietary systems and more. The platform can provide input for further use with your own external systems, or the other way around – provide input for the platform (e.g. use of renewable energy). We will make sure the systems are easily integrated.