Oil & Gas companies

Smart EV charging solutions for Gas and Oil companies. GreenFlux is here to help you along the way of embracing the EV market and advance towards the energy transition. Explore our smart EV charging solutions.

A DC charger with three charging cables

EV charging business for Oil and Gas companies

There is no denying that electric cars have changed the mobility landscape in the past years. So, what is next for oil and gas companies? Multinational oil giants are starting to make tremendous investments in the business of EV charging infrastructures.

Other companies have started installing electric vehicle chargers at their gas stations. These are just a few examples of how Oil and Gas companies face the challenge of meeting the world’s demand for more energy while attempting to deliver it with fewer emissions.

Create an EV charging infrastructure for your customers

With a surplus of EVs on the road, the demand for charging stations is growing and this dramatically impacts oil and gas companies as the number of EVs continues to grow. Adapting to changing customer demands and supporting your customers in their decision to reduce their emissions will benefit you in this revolution of sustainable energy generation.

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GreenFlux is powering a big Charge Point Operator

TotalEnergies manages an EV charging infrastructure with public charge points. To be able to facilitate so many chargers, TotalEnergies wanted detailed real time status information and remote commands including detailed reports that are also connected to their internal systems. GreenFlux therefore offered our software solution that provided the data needed for TotalEnergies to perform their own data analysis and to utilize the customer support functionality.

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An electric car charging at a charging point

Our solution for Oil and Gas companies

Use our software to build your own EV charging infrastructure. With our software solution, you can become involved in the EV charging business with ease and learn more as you go. Necessary features to help you accelerate in the EV business include roaming, billing and smart charging, all of which the software can offer you. We offer both managed and fully outsourced packages of our EV charging station software.

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