Eneco eMobility

Eneco is a producer and supplier of natural gas, electricity, and heat, and a leader in the European energy transition movement with its smart, sustainable, and affordable product and service offering. Eneco eMobility installs, hosts, and maintains an extensive home and work EV charging network, supporting drivers and businesses shift from ICE to electric.


Eneco wanted to cut the cost of maintaining their own proprietary platform to manage their charging network and keep pace with rapid technological developments in the industry. The company manages a charging network of approximately 13,000 chargers at home and semi-public locations and supports 39,000 drivers through their own services.


Eneco selected GreenFlux’s EV charging platform with API integration to their existing CRM and ERP systems. Within the GreenFlux platform, the Eneco team configures and manages a variety of functions, including product packages, charge station set up, and driver help desk. Eneco is completely free to connect any charge station of their choice, whether AC or DC. Further, Eneco gained access to GreenFlux’s roaming contracts and connections with various peer-to-peer parties, hubs, and clearinghouses.


The result is a cost-efficient, state-of-the-art system that evolves constantly without taking focus away from Eneco’s core business. Eneco takes advantage of new developments and software updates deployed by GreenFlux to adjust to the changing needs and regulations of the global EV charging market. Eneco uses the full breadth of the GreenFlux EV charging platform to efficiently operate as a charge point operator and service provider, as well as handle transactions.

The platform allows Eneco to manage charger and driver additions, operations and technical tasks, and their own billing processes. Using the GreenFlux platform, Eneco operates and handles the transactions on all 13,000 charge points, performing around 144,000 transactions per month. Additionally, 39,000 EV drivers use GreenFlux-powered Eneco charge cards, providing them full interoperability.

”We are fully satisfied about the use of the GreenFlux platform. Data security and cybersecurity are central in the platform, ensuring safety for our customers.” Pieter Noorman, Eneco eMobility

Published On: September 28th, 2018 / Categories: Case studies, GreenFlux /