Monaco energy infrastructure operator SMEG chooses e-mobility platform provider GreenFlux to support the growth of its e-mobility offer, under the “EVzen” brand. SMEG operates more than 1,500 public charging points for public authorities (Monaco Government, Aix-Marseille Metropolitan Area) and is developing its own EVzen fast-charge network in France.

For the last 133 years, SMEG has been the Monegasque energy infrastructure operator, distributing electricity and gas. Now, SMEG puts its expertise and know-how as an energy specialist to the benefit of the energy transition by offering its customers turnkey solutions in electric mobility, carbon-free electricity production, and energy efficiency.

With over 1,500 operational charging points and many more in the pipeline, EVzen by SMEG is working tirelessly to support the transition to e-mobility. SMEG is strongly committed to ensuring the maximum availability of its stations and the quality of service.

GreenFlux’s team of specialists supports EVzen by SMEG in operating its extensive network and developing new services based on evolving market requirements.

‘Given GreenFlux’s experience with migration and integration, as well as its reliable technical support, we selected its platform to support our e-mobility offer,’ said Anthony Dupont, Electric Mobility Director at SMEG. ‘GreenFlux has also customised solutions and services to meet some of our specific requirements.’

GreenFlux looks forward to continuing innovative collaboration to support EVzen and diversify its portfolio through electric vehicle charging.

‘We are delighted to support EVzen by SMEG meet their e-mobility goals. France is on a path toward achieving 100% electric vehicle sales by 2035. To achieve that, the growing French electric vehicle market requires a greatly expanded charging infrastructure network,’ said Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer at GreenFlux. ‘We are a financially competitive platform that best fits SMEG’s requirements. We are proud to take responsibility and support the ongoing transition with our smart solutions.’

Sites operated by EVzen are equipped with new-generation charging points, which, thanks to their modular design, will be able to adapt to changes in demand and usage over time. The fast and ultra-fast terminals will make it possible to regain up to 200 km of autonomy in 10 minutes on average (depending on the technology of the vehicles charged).

Published On: April 18th, 2023 / Categories: GreenFlux, News /