EV Remote Management

Managing an EV charging network has never been any easier. Gain insights into your charging network and make the most out of your operations.

Charging cable connected to a charging point

Offer the best service with our EV remote management software

Our EV remote management software offers the possibility to view, change and manage configuration settings and detailed information of charge points and charge transactions instantly. Analyse charging operations and provide quick support to EV drivers.

Our EV charging platform shows all the charge points under your control and allows you to easily add new charge stations to the network.

Be in control of your EV charging points

All charge points are connected via the cloud, therefore making it possible to have real-time interactions and exchange commands with each individual charge point for resetting, remote transaction control and firmware updates.

Detailed overviews of notifications, transactions and meter values are included for each charge station, together with an overview of static information, such as location, hardware and manufacturer. Monitor your charging network in order to maintain a healthy charging infrastructure for EV drivers.

Parking lot with charging points and electric vehicles

Detailed views of a single EV charging point

As a customer, you have the possibility to zoom in on each individual charging point. For example, look at static information such as address and external ID, but also dynamic information such as last signal received, the state of the socket and notifications such as transactions and authorization requests. This gives your support desk a quick and easy way to help EV drivers in case of problems.

You are also able to view closed and processed charging sessions, so-called Charge Detail Records (CDRs). CDRs are created in batches and run every night or near real-time basis.

Woman typing on computer showing dashboard of the GreenFlux EV charging platform

Functionalities of remote EV management

  • Hard reset & Soft reset

  • Clear cache
  • Unlock connector
  • Remote start / stop transaction

  • Update firmware
  • Get configuration
  • Get diagnostics
  • Change availability