GreenFlux, an e-mobility platform provider, has signed a new roaming contract with one of the biggest charge point operators (CPOs) in the UK, TotalEnergies. As part of the new collaboration, GreenFlux adds over 2,100 public charge points of the Source London network, to its existing network, which now includes over 400,000 charge points across Europe and the United Kingdom.

TotalEnergies operates the charge points as part of its public charging network Source London. Courtesy of this agreement, EV drivers served by each of GreenFlux’s platform customers can seamlessly access over 2,100 charge points using their usual apps and charge cards.

Source London is a rapidly expanding public network of over 2,100 electric vehicle charge points in prime locations across 24 London boroughs. Through the implementation of a robust and reliable charging infrastructure, TotalEnergies is committed to supporting London’s EV revolution.

“Our 7kW and 22kW charge points are in dedicated EV bays, powered by 100% renewable energy, and are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, with no additional parking fees for on-street charge points, even in Central London. We are delighted to connect with the GreenFlux roaming network and welcome all their EMSP customers to our network.” adds Nicolas Garnier, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Charging Solutions UK.

The new contract will be a key enabler of cross-channel charging across Europe and the UK. This agreement will expand GreenFlux’s roaming network and offer a seamless EV charging experience for drivers.

‘The partnership with TotalEnergies, through its network Source London, is a huge achievement for our roaming network. This will significantly improve the on-the-go charging experience in the UK. We are proud to offer this extensive network and the value it provides to our platform customers and help make EV charging anxiety-free for drivers,’ said  Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), at GreenFlux.

GreenFlux’s platform customers leverage its roaming services, white-label app, and APIs to quickly expand driver access, monetise their unique business models, and deliver outstanding charging experiences.

Published On: March 2nd, 2023 / Categories: GreenFlux, News /